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We care about our clients - it is in our interests to keep you satisfied with us!
Service Deliverables
We want you to be fully satisfied so we make sure you know what you get for your money and do our best to accurately specify services clearly inorder that our clients know exactly what are the service deliverables. All our services come with a Net-Care guarantee.
Service Problems
We will always deal with your problems promptly, and if the problem is our fault we will remedy it free of charge. We will deal with any of your other problems as best we can to help you find a satisfactory resolution but we can not be responsible for problems beyond our service. We will do our best to give free advice.
Service Termination Anytime
If for any reason you wish to terminate our services, you can close your account without charges (non-refundable project deposits excepted). However, we would be sad to lose you so please contact us first if you have any concerns before taking any action. We haven't lost a client yet!
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