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We provide services to a diverse range of clients mainly from Scotland but we are also developing client partnerships from across Europe.
Clients in Scotland
Bray Controls UK (Inchinnan), Itacs (Glasgow), Thales (Glasgow), Divetro (Glasgow), University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), Homework Ltd. (Hamilton), AudioFormations (Glasgow), Immense Systems (Lanark), M&D Green Chemists (Glasgow), Mayors Sports & Menswear (Glasgow), GotBalls - Mens Health (Glasgow), TheThirtySomethings (Glasgow), Coaching For Life Ltd. (Glasgow), EDC , New Lanark Nursing Home (Lanark), GCC , Sentia Training Ltd (Glasgow), New Edge Management Ltd (Kinross), Grazia Zani Kinesiology (Glasgow), Wayside Day Centre (Glasgow), DiscoKiss (Glasgow), Scottish Cycle Paths (Glasgow), Glasgow Locum Group (Glasgow), Cohesion Networks (Glasgow), Strathclyde European Partnership (Glasgow), Scottish Executive, Scottish Amateur Football Association, Apple Taxi Productions (Glasgow).
Clients in England
TheMoleClinic (London), Project2030 (Chester), MicroDerm Users Group (London), UK Melanoma Patients Forum (London), Scansol (London).
Clients in Europe
Aurora-Lanskap (Norway), AlgarveDreamVillas (Portugal), QL-Consulting (France), PCU Architects (Turkey).
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