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Got a question about our services? Find the answer here or if not then email us.
Q. What's the difference between Services, Packages and Products?
A. Our Services are for ad hoc project work. Our Packages provide affordable all-in-one internet service plans. Our products can be bought as separate components or integrated into a Package for your convenience. Call us to discuss your specific needs.
Q. Why do I need a license?
A. We license our code to our clients for their use. This means you can not resell it to others nor can you use it if you terminate your account. Please comply with the terms of our license.
Q. Who owns the copyright?
A. The original content provider always retains copyright. We respect all copyright holders. If you provide original content you retain the copyright to the content. Likewise we retain copyright of our code and our images.
Q. I have an existing site - can you improve and manage it?
A. Even if you do not require our servers, we can design, develop and manage your site on your current server.
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